cognitive training

improving cognitive functions using KoTA

KoTA tools integrate game elements targeting cognitive functions important for improvement and optimization of cognitive capacities. They are intrinsically motivating and easy to use, which guaranties higher amount of training time and lower costs. This makes KoTA tools an interesting alternative to traditional training methods that as a rule require professional supervision.

Rollerball is designed to improve cognitive flexibility in autism, by encouraging and rewarding player’s flexible behaviour. The increase in flexibility within the game environment can in turn facilitate more flexible behaviour in other activities as well.

You can try the web version of the game through the link below (for fast connections) or download it to your computer. The first level is also available for download for android devices. You can subscribe for further levels. By playing the games, you will be taking part in a science experiment! Scientists will use your results for research purposes to further investigate the mechanisms of cognitive flexibility and improve the training tools. You can find out more about the science behind the tools in the research section.


Thanks to everyone who has played Rollerball so far!

Get in touch with us if you would like to participate in our studies.

Level one.

The player collects as many balls as possible in the cups. There are extra points if the ball and the cup colours match.

Level two.

Beside an additional cup, the player needs to operate the lift, which doesn't move automatically within this level.

Level three.

Player has to switch between two screens (only one visible at the time) to collect balls and to operate the lift.